Biosfered S.r.l. commercializes extracts containing highly concentrated bioactive molecules, known for their wide commercial value and biological activity.


Products are chemically characterized and titrated by using the most advanced mass spectrometry and analytical techniques.

Procyanidin A2

The reference market is represented by several stakeholders such as: pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplements, cosmetics and feed industries.

Our products are based on the guarantee of process quality, focused on high purity levels and low environmental impact.

The academic and industrial team is highly specialized with thirty years of experience in extraction and chemical characterization as well as management and patenting of products and industrial processes.


Biosfered S.r.l., formerly Academic Spin-Off of the University of Turin, Italy, is the joining of academic competences of professors and researchers of the Plant Phisiology Unit of the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology with the entrepreneur experience of the Social Cooperative Arcobaleno.

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