A Pilot Study on Bioactive Constituents and Analgesic Effects of MyrLiq®, a Commiphora myrrha Extract with a High Furanodiene Content

The results of the MyrLiq study® indicate that it exhibits analgesic activity against some of the most common painful symptoms, in particular headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, low back pain, fever-related pain and menstrual cramps. A direct comparison with some of the most frequently used drugs (e.g., diclofenac, ketoprofen, ibuprofen, paracetamol, tramadol, and ketorolac) reveals that MyrLiq® has similar effects, although it requires a longer course of treatment (20 days). In male volunteers, analgesic effects are particularly significant at a dose of 400 mg of MyrLiq®suitable for almost all diseases, while for female volunteers, low back pain and fever-related pain have already been significantly relieved after treatment with 200 mg of MyrLiq ®/day. No side effects have been reported by volunteers. Our results confirm the analgesic properties of MyrLiq furanodines®It supports its application as a natural remedy for a wide range of diseases where analgesic effects are needed to relieve pain and improve quality of life.

Germano A., Occhipinti A., Barbero F., Maffei M.E.

A pilot study on bioactive constituents and analgesic effects of MyrLiq®, a Commiphora myrrha extract with a high furanodiene content

BioMed research international 2017 (2017)