The Biosfered R&D Team extracts raw materials exclusively by the use of solvents permitted by Directive 2009/32/EC of the European Parliament of 23 April 2009, concerning the new rules for the approximation of the laws of the Member States on extraction solvents used in the production of foodstuffs and food ingredients. The solvent of choice used is ethanol.

Ethanol is then removed from the final products marketed by Biosfered.

The production capacity of Biosfered is currently several tons of product/year by a new extraction/concentration system.


The continuous chemical-analytical control during the extraction process, allows the Biosfered R&D Team to produce high-purity plant extracts, while the analytical techniques used ensure a high degree of reliability in their titration.

Biosfered has patented an innovative system for the extraction and the pulverization at low temperatures of the extracted material (see also “Patents for industrial invention”), that allows maintaining the typical characteristics of the raw material without altering the product or degrade it.


Furthermore, the Biosfered’s technique of pulverization does not use maltodextrins. We use natural plant proteins that, in addition to making a significant contribution from a nutritional point of view, are chosen for the absence of allergic reactions.

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